Regarding Coverfly

Over the past few days we’ve received email messages from several of our contestants asking about Coverfly.  Since it seems we were mentioned in the recent (now deleted) anonymous blog post that caused so much concern for some screenwriters, I feel I should chime in here to clarify our relationship and our experience with Coverfly.

Effective as of December 2017, in addition to accepting entries on our own website, we began allowing writers to enter the PAGE Awards contest on three outside websites: Film Freeway, Withoutabox and Coverfly.  We decided to do so for the ease and convenience of writers who’d prefer to submit their scripts through these other sites, where many people already have accounts.

But please rest assured, no matter where they’re submitted, all scripts entered in the PAGE Awards contest are imported into our database and reviewed entirely by our own team of judges.  Coverfly offered us the option of using their judging platform, but over the past 15 years we have built a top notch team of judges and a successful judging system, so we wanted to keep this process in-house.  (And just FYI, the guys at Coverfly were perfectly fine with that.  There was no “hard sell” nor any attempt to convince us to send our contestants’ scripts to Coverfly.)

In addition to utilizing Coverfly as one of our entry portals, we are also one of the contests that is now being used to determine a script’s ranking on the Red List.  Let me just say, personally, I think the Red List is a terrific idea!  Instead of paying extra fees to have your script reviewed by the Black List (to who knows what result), you now have the opportunity to use the aggregate scores from your placement in reputable contests to promote your script to the industry.  And it’s free of charge!  

This is a new service, still being developed, but it’s already starting to work.  Just last week one of our PAGE Award winners, Patrick Byrne, was signed by a lit manager due to his high ranking on the Red List.  Needless to say, we’re thrilled!   As part of our prize packages, we have always given our winning writers the opportunity to post their script information on sites like InkTip and TV Writers Vault, and we can now add the Red List as another way to help connect talented new writers with the industry. 

A few key points:

1) If you enter the PAGE Awards contest through Film Freeway, Withoutabox or Coverfly, then obviously those companies have your script on file, along with any other information you’ve given them.  However, if you enter the contest on our own website, your script is NEVER shared with any of these other sites. Whichever entry method you choose is entirely up to you!

2) Every script entered in the PAGE Awards competition is judged entirely by our own team of judges, not through Coverfly.  (This is no reflection on Coverfly; it was simply our choice.)

3) If you win or place in our contest, with your permission we will send Coverfly your script’s title, your name and your email address (but NOT your screenplay) to add to your Red List ranking. However, your name, script title and Red List status will never be made public unless you personally choose to activate your listing on the Coverfly website.

4) We have no ownership or stake in Red Ampersand, Coverfly, or any of their companies or contests, nor do they have any ownership or stake in the PAGE Awards.  However, I will tell you that over the past few months we’ve had an excellent working relationship with Scot, Mark and their team.  The guys at Coverfly have always been extremely helpful and responsive, and I believe they’re aiming to provide services that can and will benefit many screenwriters.

As you know, things are not always as they seem in this world.  I would urge you not to rush to judgment — especially not based on aggressive attacks by anonymous posters.  In reaction to Scot Lawrie’s comprehensive, point-by-point response, the person who wrote that original blog post has now taken it down.  I think that’s very telling.  Hopefully, the full truth of this situation will be revealed soon, so that we will all know what’s really going on here. 

I hope this helps clarify our position here at the PAGE Awards.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me at  

Sincerely yours,
Jennifer Berg
Administrative Director
The PAGE International
Screenwriting Awards