The 2009 PAGE Awards Quarter-Finalists


2000 Miles to Salvation
Marcus Metsala
A Child of Our Time
Robert Bowden
A Gentleman’s Game
Kirk Evans
A Killing Frost
Katherine Ruppe
A Little Revenge
Reynaldo Villar
A Loose End
Lina Shanklin & Richard A. Natale
A Modest Proposal for the California State Energy Crisis Or: A Convenient Truth
Dominick Bagnato
A Party of One
Andrew Kaplan
A Private Little War
Douglas Dougan
A Side Order of Chaos
Chris Edgerly
A Wire in the Eye
Eric Volkman
AB-VE, Please
Milethia Thomas
Acting Out in London
Tracy Ryan
Action Hero at 37
Martin Miller
Adam Begat
Nicolas Buckmelter & Allison Solberg
Advice for the Recovering Heterosexual Woman
Kathryn Walton
Aging Ungracefully: Camprov
Ross Carey
Alamo Records
Matt Belfiore
Alcibiades of Athens
Philip Sbaratta
Alien Boss
Tim McSmythurs
All The Nasties
John Cole
All The Wrong Moves
Starbuck O’Dwyer & Mike Saunders
All This Ruin
Steven Craft
Alex Lyras & Michael Dorian
Amen’s Corner
Ron Andes
American Cyclone
Aiken Scherberger
American Falls
David Avdoian
An Angel Found
Jacqueline West
An Impossible Place
Marijke Lewis & Robert Nulph
Timothy Brice & Robert Popa
Robert Edwards
Anatomy of a Town
Patricia Fox
Anderson Reed P.M.
Samantha Reynolds & Borga Dorter
Angel Trap
Holli Herrle-Castillo
Anywhere But Here
Ruth Witteried
Victor Bodansky & Claudia Hassbach
Apples and War
Gary Khajadourian
Apricot Harmony
John Killeen
Arkan: The Last Campaign
Parrish Griggs
As Fatal As Death
Lance Adams
Atom Smashers
Phil Ferriere
Pete Able
Beautiful Jam
Richard LeBlanc
Beautiful Sorry
Bruce Stirling
Being A Santos
Santa Sierra
Being Nguyen
Kimberly Adair, Marin Van Vleck & Grace Eboigbe
Belle Starr
Cynthia Pulham
Below Zero
Derek Ladd
Muhammad Ali Hasan
Best Served Old
William Finlay
Beverly Kills
Sean McDonough
Beyond the Red Planet
Russ Zitaruk
Emily Altmann
Billy Barnet
Samuel Brett Williams
Yves Lavandier
Bird of Paradise
Alan Reitsch
Bittersweet Chocolate
Olivia McCarthy
Black Diamond
Karen Howland
Black Ice Below
Peter Fraser
Blank Canvas
Colleen Becker
Blood & Sand
Shane Perez
Blood Tells
Samer Arafeh
Body of Truth
Jeffrey Marks
Bombay Bachelor
Rupak Ginn
Book Smart
Sarah Jorgensen
Born & Raised
Nick Loritsch
John Chase
Breakfast in Bedlam
Louis Rosenberg
Michael Brody & Jeff Kingery
Keith Opatovsky
Bulgarian Kings of Atlantic City
Paul Krissoff
Caesar’s Attendants
Hallie Tassin
James T. Frazier
Camp Lycanthrope
Matthew Sullivan
Candy Corn for Annie
Justin Hedges
Zachary Hyatt & Jonny Umansky
Captain Hook vs. Wonderland
Ben Everhart
Adam Towne
Catfish Creek
Deana Costner
James Seda
Jacob Mendelsohn
Charlie’s Guilt Trip
Chris Wereski
Chasing Charlie’s Ashes
Maree Gutterson
Chicken Salad
Dean Watts & Bill Agnew
Michelle McNulty
Christmas in Goa
Evan Richman
Close but not Touching
Tim Dragga & Jacob Michael
Closer Than Love
Rhonda Ermel & Morris Clark
Coast Guards
Katrina Nicholson
Coat Of Many Colors
Kevin Chatupornpitak
Cold Flesh
Joe Sullivan
Jason Kent
Grant Olson
Greg Foley
Debi Lehman
David Montero
Crime Time
Mark Kehl
Crimson Falls
Christian Missonak
Croix de Guerre
Jon Zelazny
Crusader Archers of the Dark Continent
Curtis Burdick & Scott Burdick
Cry of the Wolf: Young Jack London
Jack Richards
Mark Jebe
Curl Up & Dye
Michael Beran
Customer Service
Margaret Bertels
Cut In The Line
Heather McBride
Dana’s Inferno
Andrew Bailey
Danny Boy
Alastair Thorne
Dark Harbor
Elizabeth Kent
Dark Matter
Mark Familton
Darkfire Nova
Clive Lee
Dazzle Land
Steve Schoen & James Loos
Dead Language
Yokanaan Kearns
Dead Man’s Gulch
Rob Rex & Michael Stephan
Dead Stop
John Stancari
Dead Weight
Adele Frizzell
Deadly Passage
Charlie Robinson
Death & Taxes
Peter & Elisabeth Hassan
Death Tax
Mike McGeever
Deep Cover
Shaleatha Palmore
Suki Kaiser
Des Moines Fever
Matt Mariska & Andy Sipes
Desert Lobster
J. DaBou
Desert Rain
Kirkman Ridd
Gerry Griffiths
Kelly Michels
Directing Dudley
Christopher Meyer
Divided States
Brad Saenz
Divorce Chaser
Lucie O’Sullivan
Matthew Altman
Do You Want To Know A Secret?
Frank Thorburn
Don’t Sleep in the Snow
Hilde Jaegtnes
Don’t Talk About The Rainbow
Margot White
Colin Preston
Alex Landes
Ben Chananie
Drive The Pretty Boys Outta Their Heads
Armando Figueroa
Dudley Charles and the Deadly Con
Dave Shramek
Marco Guarda
Edible Complex
Helene Goldberg & Belinda Taylor
Empire State
Christian Missonak
Mark Kratter
Justin Boyd
Joseph Muszynski
Erin and Owen in Mythatania
Nicholas Julius
Joe Flood
Brent Spencer & Jonis Agee
Every time I go to Staten Island something bad happens…
Irin Evers
Eyes of Heaven
Kent Wong & Freddie Wong
Fall From Grace
Paul Antony-Barber
Falling Empire
Tom Hadfield
Family Remains
William Johnston
Family Rock
Michelle Todd
Kristopher Miller & Lee Maddux
Jack Davidson
Feed the Monster
Rob Rex
Fertile Attraction
Mariah Wilson
Colin Preston
Final Freedom
Maria Fairclough
First Under Heaven
Ellwyn Kauffman
Flames of Eden
Richard Severy
Flash Floyd Boyd
Michael Ray & Therese Vannier
Flesh and Blood
Steven Wilk
Fly Trap
Jeff Babb
Ben Chananie
Food Fight
Andres Hernandez
Fool’s Gold
K. W. Norley
Fort Pillow
Vernon McKimmey
Michael Tittinger
Foster’s Fire
C. Daniel Yost
Cody Yarbrough
Jage Halperin
Frozen Fire
Paul Pawlowski
Bruce Glassman
Sarah Carbiener
Game of the Gods
Lyse Beck
Garbo’s Last Stand
Jonathan Miller
Gaylord Rolyat
Get A Life
Annie S. Cian
Ghost Train
Patrick Sweeney
Goethe’s Theory of Color
Melissa J. White
Going to Gunn
Robert Sudduth
Good Cop / Bad Cop
Barbara Phillips & Kathryn Ott
Good People
Nicholas Horwood
Michael Lee
M. Justin Parsons
Graven Image
C.V. Herst
Grim Gets A Life
Peter Fraser
Grimm Valley
Dennis Shutty
Gucci, Pucci, Susan Lucci
Hal Katkov
Guys Do This
Paul Colaizzo
Hallowed Ground
Maurizio Marmorstein
Hamlin Pond
Chris Gordon
Handicapped Spaces
Jim Braly & Clinton Braly
Harlem Law
Joseph Holland
Hazard Ranch
Billy Maddox
John Pile
Chris Thornton & Jason Thornton
Heart Rate
Alan Barkley
Curtis Burdick
Her Last Supper
Cate Salenger
Her Swastika Sword
Christopher Canole
Hit Mom
Kevin Miller
Hlf pSt nInE
Douglas Stark
Hold The Optimism
Terry Sammut
Home In America
Dale Whisman
Sam Buttari
Horror Comic
Stephen Hoover
Mikael Carlson
Idle Women
Graham Smith
I’m With Genius
Ryan Peek
Imaginary Boyfriend
Albert Patton
Imaginary Forces
E. Arriaga
Steven Arvanites
In God’s Name
John Killeen
In The Blood
Pamela Stovall
In The Flesh
James Cook
In the Sun
Nicole Bird
Jeannette Manning & Joseph Yuan
Introducing Miss Jones
Marcia Dinneen
Invisible Pass
Jefferson Boylston
Jake In Flux
N. J. Reese
Janey Live
Amy Wendel
Jerry at The Cemetery
Tiffany FitzHenry
Jerusalem Idol
Lewis Papier
Job Day
Ingo Gsedl
Charles Kogon
Marc Balay
Richard Moon
Kanaka Blues
Michael Farris
Nathan Price
Kheng Kheng Crocodile
Donna Lisa
Kiss and Make Up
Stacy Baker
Kissin’ Kuzins
Deana Costner
Dennis Douda & Joe Berglove
Lab Rats
Catherine Jersey
Louis Rosenberg
William Johnston
Last Train
J.I. Wells & Ian Ginsburg
Legend of Sanziborn
Derek Ladd
Lessons from the Gypsy Camp
Elizabeth Appell
Let’s Go Buffalo
Max Lance
Life Lines
Lisa Schulman
Life Sentence
Lynne Logan
Little Big Men
Thao Nguyen
Loose Ends
Michael Raymond
Love Business
Vlada Knowlton
Love in Paris
Anna Eidem
Love on The Flipside
Alex Donald
Lucky Me
Andrea Palmer
Lycan or Not
Frank Reavey
Macau Twilight
Tony Shyu
Mackenzie Daily: Web-Reporter
Michael Szczurko & Johnna Bond
Barbara Schwartz
Henry Crum
Making Millions
Tony Germinario
Malcolm X & JFK
C. Daniel Yost
Mansion on the Hill
Eoin O’Connor
Darin Miller
Master of the Realm: The Last Master
Derrick Ingram
Moon Molson
Metal From Hell
James Armstrong
Midnight Princess
Lee Tidball
Minding The Marys
Carmine Gaeta
Anita Skibski
Misfits of Cubicle Island 224N
Patrick Carr
Missile Envy
Kurt Smith
Dan Cohen
Most Prized Possession
Arielle Jayme
Andrea Carlson & Courtney Gillen
My Life In Music
Jenny Deiker
Nathan Tyme
Gary Mazza
Neanderthal Cousin
Kostadin Georgieff
News from Kuwait
Fawaz Al-Matrouk
No Greater Love
Brian Wright
Nothing To Fear
Mark Hill
Nowa’s Dream
Arianne Sved
Number Eight
Jason Tucker
Chris Emerson & Abby Emmett
On The Grid
Gordie Loewen
On the Ledge
Susan Zucker
On The Outside
Jeffrey Allen
Once Upon a Eurostar
Joey Porcelli
One Down Clown
Heidi Sullivan
One Step Into Mexico
Peter Aston
Operation Chronos
Jonathan Sklaroff
Michael Frazier
Kurt Smith
Paradise Lost
Michael Farris
Peripheral Vision
Phyllis Heltay
Tyler Appian
Pilgrim’s Progress
Pardis Barjesteh
Pirate Queen
Lee Costanzo
Plan B
Brian Boncher & Matthew Dias
Plan B
Jude Roth
Popsicle Days and Firefly Nights
F. Michael Blair
Potter’s Field
Brad Crowe
Prison Ship
Tom Boyle
Mehul Desai
Anton Hill
Jeff R. Williams
Steve Chen
Rainbow Nina
Savana Stanescu
Raise You One Dead Body
Marjory Kaptanoglu
Rancho Calypso
Mike Calvert & Gary Hershberger
Ray of Hope
Julie Anderson
Jennifer Zinone
Gavin Cruickshank
Red Aunts
Andrew Hosak
Red Cloud & Bone Hunter
Jon Zelazny
Red Rover
Philip Landa
Red Star Shine
Dustin Benson
Red Tape
David St. Clair
Redemption Road
Christine Downs
Michael Raymond
Michael Beaton
Remember Us?
Byron Kavanagh
Resurrection Run
Sean Mick
Joe Zanetti
Return to Alcatraz
Ryan Golchuk
Jini Liljeqvist
Roadside Assistance
David Sakmyster
Robin Hood: Attorney-at-Law
Steven Berko
James T. Frazier
Rock Paper Scissors
Leo Lo
Romance Class
Michael Cumes
Billy Maddox
Safe Light
William Walsh
Joseph Lyons
Sandi Claus
Lee Tidball & Ron Vincent
Benita Garvin
Sarah Weekly
C.C. Hudson
Saving Santoro’s
Mike Bencivenga
Saying Goodbye
Jocelyn & Brian Rish
Ross McQueen
School Spirit
Robert Watson
Schrodinger’s Cat
Tommy Butler
Phil Mirabito
Second Born
David Jagernauth
Seeking Samarkand
Felipe Cagno
Serena’s Thunder
Jean Hunter
Shadow Peak
Skip Berry & Judith Newton
She Can’t Stay with Me
Kevin Rexroat
Shell Shock
Monica Romano
Roberto Saieh
Shoot The Bride
James DeMarco
Shotgun Cinderella
Alex Hollister
Side Effects
Traven Rice
Sara Lafler
Andrew Wong
Sink or Swim
Leah Gotcsik & Marty Johnson
Sister Earth
Anthony Ingoglia
Six Weeks in Heaven
Chris Phillips
Christina Sbong
Slice of Life
Ken White
Slice of Life
Andy Sweat
Corey Cheevers
Soiled Dove
Pamela Kenney Basey
Jay Slagle
Drew Traglia
Nathan Perkins
Ryan Allison
Spear Of Destiny
Matthew Altman
Specialty of the House
Bob Canning
Richard H. Rees
Spiders in the Sand
Brian Eisel
Splintered Porch
Dennis Douda
Steve Peterson
Jennifer Westcott
State’s Evidence
Alan Brash
Kal Weber
Strawberry Mansion
R. Scott Shields
Studio Cop
Howard Fridkin & Tom McCurrie
Ryan Harris & Brian Lubocki
Subway Series
Tom Ziegler & Thomas Ziegler
Suit Yourself
Winnie Dunbar
Summer Camp
Michael Doneger
Summer Camp
Diane Hanks
Atif Shaikh
Swimming Lessons
Michelle Todd
William Schreiber
Sympathy for the Devil
Jessica Adcock
Tale of Trudys
Michael Twist
Tales of a Post-College Nothing
Melva Graham
Kathryn Wood
Ariana Bernstein
Tears Of Blood
Michael Ritz & Edward Holland
Tears of Our Loins
Yugo Nakamura
Martin Adams
Brian Kuss
Alan T. Williamson
Ten Miles of Bad Road
Tom Gilman
Ten Shots of Tequila
Ted Gurich
Ten Thousand Bullets Later
Scott LaCagnin
Michael Valentino & Michael Miceli
That First Note
Marsha Upshaw
The 10 Year Renewable Marriage
Dawn Bierschwal & Jeanne Bowerman
The Adventures Of Emily Sigh, Case Of The Secret Family Vault
James De Vince
The Adventures of Rick Brickman
Michael Pace & Alex Goldberg
The Aid
Alejandro Mamuel Dardick
The Angel Tree
Marissa Jo Cerar
The Apple Core
T.J. Cimfel
The Ashes of Albion
Peter Spameni
The Axeman of Old New Orleans
Sotiris Tsacpounidis
The Baby Whisperer
Scott Clevenger
The Big Charlie Foxtrot
Jon Zelazny
The Bloodfest Club
Oscar Madrid & Jim Ousley
The Blue Wall
Daniel Wasserman
The Break-Up Artists
Gary Milin
The Bryce Lee Story
Dale Shuen
The Bubblegum Tree
David Chen
The Catch
Michael Farris
The Clearing Yard
Kenneth Nunney
The Compensation Point
Tony Sommo
The Cordoba Caper
Marcus Webb
The Cosmic Game
Chris Rodgers
The Crockettville Kid
Phil Yuhas
The Cube
Scott & Paula Merrow
The Dark One
Ross Simpson
The Dead Beat
Phil Duncan
The Devil’s Opera
Joel Jennings
The Dog Stalker
Sarah Rothschild
The Dragon’s Lair
Dave Vaughan
The Dressmakers
Cathryn Strickland
The Duke’s Zoo
Kate Burt & Jolyon Temple
The Eleven
Troy Taylor
The Engagement
Teresa Vilaseca
The Evangelist
Joshua Rutherford
The Evil That Men Do
Eric Hinton
The Fantastical Flash McGinnis
Darren Eldred
The Final Guardian
Scott & Paula Merrow
The First Cry
Sylvio Sharif Tabet
The First End of the World
Jeremy Bell
The Fishkill
Alan Bush & Fred Belland
The Fixer
J.R. Rothenberg
The Founding Fathers
Jennifer Zinone
The Fruit Cellar
Anita Skibski
The Game is Afoot
Stephen Siegel
The Gaming Room
Naomi Rossdeutscher
The Guardians
Jason Auerbach
The Heartstoppers
Eilis Mernagh
The Help
Nick Standlea
The Henge
Mike Jenkins
The Home Stretch
Kathryn Walton
The Junior Detectives and the Cities of Gold
Irin Evers
The JV Squad
Pete Peterson
The Keeper Project
Michael Coleman
The Kids from Nowhere
George Guthridge & Deborah Schildt
The Klondike Story
Steve Warren
The Last Age Of Heroes
Matthew Altman
The Last Bigheart
Barbara Senatore
The Last Kill
Elizabeth Hansen
The Lazarus Test
Caroline Kozaka & Peter Rosenberg
The Legacy of St. Ex
Christopher Farran
The Lightkeeper’s Wife
Linda Malik
The Limbic Syndrome
Maria Kabanova
The Look of Love
Andrew McCoy
The Magic Touch
David Kiez
The Man In The Attic
Dean Wells
The Man Who Was Allergic to Women
David Lammey
The McKinley Mansion
Jennifer Kuri
The Michigan Assassin
Chuck Monzo
The Middle of Everywhere
Steve Stinson
The Model
Larry Hedaa
The Moonbeam Fisherman
John Dummer
The Naughty List
Micah Ricke
The Other Side
Sean Wolfson
The Patriot
Benjamin Bartlett
The Perfect Dad
Kimberly Goddard Kuskin
The Power Of Positive Thought
David Shelton & Harry Enfield
The Prince
Carolyn Rutigliano
The Princess Concubine
Quan Lelan
The Problem With Anatole
Patrick Nash
The Promised Land
Daniel Pang
The Queens of Carova
Deborah Cotton Donour
The Quiet Room
Andrew Gerngross
The Rancho
Michael O’Rourke
The Raven Society
Lizz-Ayn Shaarawi
The Real Steal
Tom Bragg & Jim Harkins
The Red Road Home
Yang Hu
The Rush of Romance In The Morning Rush
Barry Williams
The Safety Patrol
Tejal Desai
The Scoop
Jordan Tewell
The Season
Claudia McLean
The Shadowmoon Chronicles
David Mueller
The Shangri-la Cafe
Lily Mariye
The Sonderkommando
Craig Pratsch
The Specialists
Michael Baum
The Speechwriter
Joshua Adler
The Spider and the Fly
J.T. Walters
The Spiderweb Tattoo
Dawn Crouch
The Starsailor
Shane O’Neill
The Story of A Simple Man
Mark Tachovsky
The Suicide Diary
Joseph Keller
The Third Brother
Aaron Colborn
The Toilet Paper Chronicles
Esther Burns
The United States of Ethan Wilson
John Williams
The Uprising
Stephen Hoover
The Vessel
Tamai Kobayashi
The Vigil Aunties
Andrew Bailey
The Voltaire House
Ramon Da Cruz Jose
The War Within
Bill Whalen
The Warrior Poet of Sambaraca
Juan Francisco
The Warriors of Westgate
Michael Harriel
The Way It Spins
Irin Evers
The Weight of Dreams
Andrew Kramp
The Whole Pickle
Michelle Kelly
The Woman Who Screamed Butterflies
David Bishop
The Wood Carver’s Dolls
David Todman
The World of Our Own Making
Rachel Newman
The Wright Stuff
Daniel Turkewitz
The Yellow Brick Road
Jim Gloster
There’s Something About Marriage
Rehana Mirza
Third Ball Kill
Steve Hochman
Steve Lewis
Those Qaddam Arabs
Ayser Salman
Time Flight
Joseph Luna
To a Dancing God
Robert Horvath
To Catch A Keeper
Mary Huckstep
To Rest in Peace
Fawaz Al-Matrouk
To The Ice
Ruth Johnson
Jamie Mayer
Toon Boy
Brian Smith
Toucans of the Amazon
Donna Lisa
Track Zero
Richard Nguyen-Marshall
Chris Burnham & Jim Burnham
Steve Berry
Pietz Peterson
True Dawn
Nir Studnitski
True Feeling
Craig Cambria
Two Evils
Jon Eastman
Two Harbors
Jim Macak
R. Scott Shields
UnDomestic Goddess with Kids
Elizabeth Hargreaves
Unraveling Riemann
George Varotsis
Louis Rosenberg
Vagina Radio
Cheryl Shipp
Virginia Dare and the Thief of Graves
Lee Brandt & Christopher Lawrence
Ed & Laurie Maline
Von $troheim
Nevada McPherson
Von Tick
Thomas Potter
Wedding Knight
Stephen Hoover
Welcome to Beautyville
Andrew Kwatinetz
What Are Brothers For?
Kurtis Estes
Diana Charkalis
Whisper Hollows
Brannan Doyle
White Buffalo
Don Zolidis
Bob Canning
Wishful Thinking
Clare Pelham
Micki Pagano & Tony Parente
You Have The Right To Remain Dead
Joey Ernand
Young Turks
Zachary Hyatt & Jonny Umansky
Your Life Is Waiting
Ginia Desmond
Nancy Bilyeau