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In order to succeed in this business, you have to understand how industry execs think. And that’s why we created our Script Services program – so you can learn straight from the pros how to develop and market your script!


The Judges who evaluate scripts for the PAGE Awards competition all have years of experience as professional script readers, story analysts, producers and development executives. Their combined experience includes credits from most of the major studios, agencies, production companies and management firms here in Hollywood, including places like Universal Studios, Disney, Warner Bros, Paramount, CBS, NBC, WME, and CAA.

These are the industry gatekeepers. In their jobs at their various studios, agencies, and production companies, they have the power to either send your script straight up the ladder or send it straight to the recycling bin.

And now, they’ve agreed to go to work for you!


Ready to receive expert notes, insights, and feedback on your script from working industry professionals? We’d love to help you take your script to the next level!

With each of our services, our Judges’ goal is to provide you with thoughtful, constructive input that will truly help advance your career.

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When you fill out the order form below, you’ll have the opportunity to select the service you wish and tell us how many sets of notes you’d like to receive. Our Judges all work independently, and they will not see each other’s comments or exchange ideas about your script; they will each evaluate your material from their own unique perspective. So, if you request notes from more than one Judge, you can compare what they say and determine which of their thoughts and ideas are most useful to you. Plus, for each additional set of notes, we’ll give you a $10 discount!

When you place your order, you’ll also have the opportunity to tell us if you have any special requests. For example, if you received notes from one of our Judges in the past and you’d like that same Judge to review your latest draft, just let us know. Or if you’d prefer a fresh perspective, let us know that as well. We do our best to accommodate all requests, and if for any reason we’re unable to do so, we’ll inform you right away.

(PLEASE NOTE: We cannot accept submissions that are more than 135 pages long. Any scripts that exceed 135 pages will not be read and your submission fee will be refunded to you.)


Simply click the gold button below! You will be prompted through the process. And if you have any questions along the way, please feel free to Contact Us.

The turnaround time for Script Services is currently averaging 2-3 weeks.

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