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Learn How to Write a Screenplay That Will Sell

As a screenwriter, one of the most daunting tasks you face is submitting your work to the agents, producers and production execs whose approval you need in order to get your movie made. It can be an ego-bruising experience.

But what if you could get inside the minds of those Hollywood gatekeepers before you submit your script and learn how they make their decisions?

What if industry pros from Hollywood studios, networks, agencies and production companies – the same people who are reviewing the scripts you submit here at the PAGE Awards – took you through their thought process and explained the criteria they use to evaluate your script?

What if they told you how to get a “Yes”?

That idea was the inspiration for our groundbreaking PAGE Awards ebook:

“The Insiders’ Guide to Screenwriting:
How Hollywood Evaluates Your Screenplay”

The Judges for the PAGE Awards all have years of experience evaluating scripts and participating in the acquisition, development and production process at major Hollywood studios, agencies and production companies. Some of them are also professional screenwriters themselves!  (You’ll find all the authors’ bios in the ebook.)

These working professionals are the eyes and ears of the industry. They know the current trends, they know the marketplace, and they know what makes for a winning screenplay.

And now, they’re sharing their secrets with you!

Each chapter of the ebook focuses on one specific aspect of screenwriting, based on the judging criteria used here at the PAGE Awards.  In each chapter, these industry pros explain how they evaluate scripts, both for the PAGE Awards and for the companies they work for.  They talk about how these various elements are key to a successful screenplay, they show how top screenwriters do it, and they offer a wealth of insights and ideas to help you elevate your script to a professional level and help kick-start your screenwriting career.

Plus, along with your copy of “The Insiders’ Guide to Screenwriting” we’ll also send you these three bonus gifts:

BONUS #1:   Screenplay Format Sample

Screenplay formatting is very specific, and there are only a few minor options in style.  There’s an entire chapter in “The Insider’s Guide” explaining the details, and we’re also going to send you a example of how a well-formatted screenplay looks. Format your script the way the pros do, and Hollywood execs will know you’re serious about your work!

BONUS #2:   PAGE Awards Scorecard Template

We’re going to send you the scorecard template used by our PAGE Awards Judges, so now you can be the Judge! Print out copies of these scorecards, cut them into thirds (they’re set three to a page), and use them to evaluate your own work. Or give them your classmates, fellow screenwriters or members of your writing group, and use them to help evaluate each other’s scripts.

BONUS #3:   PAGE Judging Instructions

This is the 2-page “crib sheet” of scoring instructions we give to our Judges. It explains the various things you should consider as you score the ten elements of a script: 1 (low) to 10 (high) for a total possible score of 100.  You’ll find the more you study the chapters of our ebook, the more scripts you read, and the more you hone your understanding of how to write a successful screenplay, the easier it will become to differentiate between what deserves a score of 2 and what deserves a 10!

Whether you’re prepping your screenplay to enter next year’s contest or getting ready to send your script out to the industry, this is the critical information you need to help move your script up the ladder.

Best of all, right now we’re making this entire package available to you for just $27! And if you like, for just $7 more, we’ll also send you a copy of:

“13 Screenwriting Misdemeanors: Don’t Get Caught!”

Based on his years of experience evaluating scripts for ABC, The Donners’ Company, and Kopelson Entertainment, PAGE Judge and “LOGLINE” editor John Evans has compiled a list of the 13 most common mistakes that get screenwriters into trouble, and in his funny, irreverent way, John lays it all out for you! Are you unwittingly committing any of these “crimes”? In Hollywood, ignorance of the law is no excuse! So get your copy of “13 Screenwriting Misdemeanors” and find out what you need to do to keep a clean record.

This insightful and comprehensive package of materials is one of the very best investments you will ever make in your screenwriting career. Order your copy today and find out how to convince the Hollywood decision-makers to say “Yes!”

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