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In order to succeed in this business, you have to understand how industry execs think. Take advantage of our Judges’ helpful Script Services and learn from the pros how to develop and market your script!


The Judges for the PAGE Awards all have years of experience as professional readers, script analysts, producers and development executives. Among them, their credits include most of the major studios, networks, production companies, agencies and management firms here in Hollywood, including Universal Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Disney, CBS, NBC, ICM and CAA. (To see who some of our Judges are, take a peek here.)

These are the industry gatekeepers. They read and review hundreds of new scripts every year, and within their individual companies they have the power to advance your script to the next level – or send it to the recycling bin with their thumbs down.

And now, they’ve agreed to go to work for you!


We’ve kept the cost of our Script Services extremely affordable, so for less than the price of most screenwriting consultants or gurus (who often charge $250-$750 or more!) you can now receive helpful input, reactions and ideas from up to three different industry professionals.


If you’d like more than one industry pro to review your screenplay, you’ll automatically receive a $10 discount off each additional set of notes. 

Our goal is to provide you with constructive, insightful feedback that will truly help advance your career. These are the various services we offer:

The same great Feedback we offer in conjunction with the contest. Your Judge will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your script, explain how he or she would score your script if you submitted it to the contest, tell you whether your script would receive a Recommend, Consider or Pass if you submitted it to his or her agency or production company, and offer suggestions and ideas designed to help you further develop and refine your script. (4-5 pages)

A comprehensive assessment of your screenplay. Your Judge will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your script, provide you with detailed examples and page notes, and offer suggestions and ideas designed to help you further develop the material. In-Depth Analysis is designed for writers who have received Judge’s Feedback in the past and who now wish to receive additional notes from that same Judge, and for writers looking for professional help with their rewrite. (8-10 pages)

Notes on your treatment, outline, or story idea. (Not for completed scripts.) Your Judge will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your concept, evaluate your treatment or outline, offer suggestions and ideas on how best to develop the material, and evaluate the script’s ultimate marketing potential. Concept Evaluation is designed to help you discover any potential pitfalls and resolve problems before you sit down to write your script. (2-3 pages)

One of our industry pros will read your screenplay, create three optional loglines for you, and write a detailed synopsis of your script (2-3 pages). This is comparable to the synopsis you would receive in standard coverage from agencies and production companies. You may need a synopsis for certain marketing purposes – for example, if you want to promote your script on a website or if you’re planning to raise funds to produce your film yourself.

One of our industry experts will read your screenplay, evaluate it from a marketing perspective, then create the following items just for you: three optional loglines, a customized query letter, and a compelling one-page sales summary (one-sheet). In addition, you’ll receive insights into who’s currently looking for material like yours,  the potential market for your movie, any special challenges you may face as you attempt to sell your script, ideas on how best to position your material and where you might want to submit it.

(PLEASE NOTE: The purpose of our Marketing Package is to create the professional materials you need to promote your script. We do not send out query letters, post your script online, or solicit interest in your script for you. If you’re looking for those services, we recommend our co-sponsors InkTip and TVWritersVault. And if you’re specifically looking for a literary agent or manager, you’ll find a comprehensive list, including individual email addresses, in the Hollywood Screenwriting Directory.)


When you fill out our submission form, you’ll have the opportunity to choose the service you want, along with the number of Judges.

Our Judges work independently, and they will not see each other’s comments or exchange ideas about your script. They will each evaluate your material from their own unique perspective. So if you request notes from more than one Judge, you can compare what they say and determine which comments and ideas are useful to you and which are not.

You’ll also have the opportunity to tell us if you have any special requests. If you’ve received notes from one of our Judges in the past and you’d like that same Judge to review your latest draft, please let us know. Or if you’d prefer a fresh perspective, let us know that as well. We’ll do our best to accommodate all requests, and we’ll always let you know if we’re unable to do so.

Your Script Notes or Marketing Package will be sent to you via email. Our turn-around time averages two to three weeks.


When you click the gold button below, a new window will open and we’ll ask you to complete four easy steps:

Tell us your name and contact information.

Tell us your script’s title, logline (a brief description of your story) and genre, and indicate which service you’d like to receive.

If you’re submitting online, upload your script (if you’re ordering a Marketing Package, also upload your bio or resume), then choose whether you’d like to submit your payment online or by mail.

Print a copy of this form for your records, and if you’re submitting by mail, also print a copy to enclose with your script and/or payment. To pay your submission fee with a credit or debit card, simply click the button provided.

You will be prompted through the process…