2005 Screenwriting Contest Winner Glynn Borders

“I’ll be performing my one-man show The Enforcer at Theatre 54 in Manhattan next month. For the past few years I’ve been working behind the scenes on David Letterman, Conan O’Brien and Saturday Night Live, and I’ve written, directed and performed with several sketch comedy companies. I also wrote and directed a musical about the life of Josephine Baker.”

Glynn Borders
New York, New York
2005 Gold Prize Winner

“It’s been a busy year! I’ve just finished writing a new musical drama for a producer in South Africa, and I recently optioned one of my spec scripts to an L.A. director. The prestige of the PAGE Awards grows every year, and the reputation is well-deserved.”

Lynn Esta Goldman
San Francisco, California
2005 Gold Prize Winner

2005 Screenwriting Contest Winner Philip Daay

“My horror movie Left in Darkness aired on the Sci-Fi Channel in November and has just been released on DVD. I also sold an option on my second horror script Despair’ul to Eduardo Sanchez, Gregg Hale and Matt Compton, three of the creators of The Blair Witch Project. I’m finishing a rewrite for them next week.”

Philip Daay
Austin, Texas
2005 Bronze Prize Winner

“Through a recommendation from the contest administrators, I sold X-Mas Files to a new animation company in India and the movie is now in production. I’ve also just optioned a couple of my new specs: Kid Spaghetti was picked up by Eric Pham of Phame Factory and She’s a Dog was picked up by L.A. producers Fred Davis and Steven Ritt. So after all these years I’m actually getting my screenplays produced! I definitely attribute this success to the PAGE win.”

Larry Postel
Dallas, Texas
2005 Grand Prize Winner

2005 Screenwriting Contest Winner Sarah Skibinski

“Soon after the Awards were announced, Go Ahead, Back Up was optioned by director/producer Sarah Knight of Jo Films in New York, and Shohreh Aghdashloo (House of Sand and Fog) has now officially signed on to star. I couldn’t be happier! Thanks so much for creating such an invaluable opportunity for first time writers!”

Sarah Skibinski
Eugene, Oregon
2005 Gold Prize Winner

“I’m now a staff writer on the CBS show Waterfront about a colorful mayor in Providence (played by Joey Pants). I’m repped by Gersh. Met them early in the year, got sent on meetings in early spring, then was staffed by May. Amazing, eh?! I still can’t believe it.”

Janet Lin
Los Angeles, California
2005 Silver Prize Winner

2005 Screenwriting Contest Winner Martin McSweeney

Living for Yesterday has been optioned by Judith Singer and she is teaming up with David Greathouse to produce the film. I’ve now signed with the Blake Friedman Agency in London, and I was recently commissioned to write an episode of Seacht II for Sterling TV. The show will air on BBC-TV and TG4 in 2009. Your competition played a great part in this happening for me. I’ll always be grateful for that.”

Martin McSweeney
Cork, Ireland
2005 Bronze Prize Winner

Infected is currently being published as a graphic novel by Atlantis Studios. They have been working on it for about six months and it’s now at the printers. Saw the proof. It looks great.”

Steve Nolan
Charlotte, North Carolina
2005 Gold Prize Winner

2005 Screenwriting Contest Winner Keith Ray Putman

“The award has been a big boost to my credibility as a screenwriter. After winning the Gold Prize, I landed a paid assignment writing a thriller for Sonet Film in Scandinavia and I optioned Silo 13 to Kerner Productions, an offshoot of George Lucas’s ILM. Meanwhile, my new short film Double (doublefilm.com) recently screened at Cannes.”

Keith Ray Putman
Pasadena, California
2005 Gold Prize Winner

“My comedy spec Keepsake has just been optioned by producer/director Miklos Philips of Point Zero Pictures. I was also hired by Point Zero to develop one of Philip’s ideas into a screenplay.”

Drina Connors Kay
Cape Vincent, New York
2005 Bronze Prize Winner

2005 Screenwriting Contest Winner Rob Frisbee

“As a result of my prize with you, Ryan Engel of Kopelson Entertainment discovered Absolution on InkTip. He loved the writing but didn’t think the story was right for them, but our meetings led to me writing a script for them based on a story idea they had in development. And I’m now repped by Benderspink Management. I’ll keep you posted as we move forward.”

Rob Frisbee
Lakeville, Minnesota
2005 Bronze Prize Winner

“Our city’s newspaper interviewed us and put a piece about the screenplay competition and our win in the Sunday paper. On the strength of our win, we have also arranged a meeting with the South Australian Film Corporation in the hope of securing interest and funding.”

Jayne Collett & Carl Heron
Kilkenny, South Australia
2005 Silver Prize Winners

2005 Screenwriting Contest Winner Dylan Costello

“Great news! Coronado was optioned by one of the PAGE Awards judges and the movie is now in pre-production. Fred Roos has signed on to produce and Anne Goursaud is attached to direct. I’m now repped by Gary Wild of Jill Foster Ltd. in London, and I’ve just written an episode of the long-running TV series Hollyoaks.”

Dylan Costello
London, England
2005 Bronze Prize Winner

“We just signed a deal with Candlewick Press to publish our Bronze Prize-winning script White Water as a children’s picture book. The script has also been selected for the Cosby Screenwriting Program. We are thrilled! Our experience with the PAGE Awards has been fantastic.”

Eric Stein & Michael S. Bandy
Los Angeles, California
2005 Bronze Prize Winners