2006 Screenwriting Contest Winner Jennifer Boch-Wawrzyniak

“My PAGE winner, the family/teen comedy I’ll Be Your Best Friend, has been optioned by Julie Richardson of Imaginarium Entertainment. I also have a supernatural thriller, Remains, under option with Arnon Manor of the newly formed Critical Films.”

Jennifer Boch-Wawrzyniak
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2006 Silver Prize Winner

“As a result of all the PAGE Awards publicity, I’ve had dozens of agents and industry execs asking to read my screenplay, and PAGE Judge Mike Kuciak of Samurai MK has now offered to represent me. This has been such a great experience.”

Scott LaCagnin
Plano, Texas
2006 Grand Prize Winner

2006 Screenwriting Contest Winner Sang Kyu Kim

“I’m now working as a story editor on the TNT series Hawthorne, starring Jada Pinkett Smith. I’ve signed with CAA, and I’m also currently writing a new feature.”

Sang Kyu Kim
Studio City, California
2006 Silver Prize Winner

“We’re now repped by Principal Entertainment, and we were just hired to adapt the book “Only in America” based on a true life story. Thanks so much for helping to get the ball rolling!!”

Mike Calvert & Gary Hershberger
Torrance, California
2006 Bronze Prize Winners

2006 Screenwriting Contest Winner Zack Van Eyck

“Since leaving journalism to pursue a full-time screenwriting career, I’ve completed three screenplays on contract: Starseed for Shekinah Light Productions in Colorado, Dark Shadow for High Integrity Productions in L.A., and The Topsy-Turvy World of Thomas Telford for Feature Films for Families in Salt Lake City. My first produced feature film, Jupiter Landing, was featured at the Berlin Film Festival and is now available on DVD through Netflix.”

Zack Van Eyck
Salt Lake City, Utah
2006 Bronze Prize Winner

“L.A. producer Bob Abramoff heard about Jekyll & Heidi from all the PAGE Awards publicity. He emailed me requesting a copy of the script, and I’ve now signed an option agreement with his company. I am psyched! Can’t wait to see what happens next!”

Lisa Yoffee
Asheville, North Carolina
2006 Gold Prize Winner

2006 Screenwriting Contest Winner Mauriel Joslyn

“I’ve just produced my short film My Christmas Soldier with director Owen Smith (producer/director of The Sugar Creek Gang series). The DVD is now on sale in LifeWay and Family Christian stores, and online at MyChristmasSoldier.com. It has been a whirlwind trip – my first taste of every screenwriter’s dream.”

Mauriel Joslyn
Sparta, Georgia
2006 Silver Prize Winner

“A few weeks after the PAGE Awards were announced, I was signed by the Kaplan, Stahler, Gumer, Braun Agency. You guys are such a class act. It was a pleasure to be a part of your contest.”

Davah Avena
Los Angeles, California
2006 Silver Prize Winner

2006 Screenwriting Contest Winner Christian Parkes

“A couple of weeks after the awards were announced, Jeff Belkin of Foremost Films requested a copy of The God Bringer and he really liked the script. He signed me as a client and we’re now developing the project with The Film Department. (By the way, I love the whole silver prize award thing. Looks awesome on the wall.)”

Christian Parkes
Shizuoka, Japan
2006 Silver Prize Winner

Mitchell Galin of Bebe Delight Productions has just optioned our new spec feature Break Free. He spotted our PAGE Award-winning TV pilot Kate & Edith on InkTip and liked the writing style, so he asked if we had anything else – and the rest is history.”

Scott Perlman & Leo Simone
Los Angeles, California
2006 Gold Prize Winners

2006 Screenwriting Contest Winner David Bertoni“Let me be blunt. I’ve won other contests. PAGE has by far generated the most requests for my script. Unbelievably so. Including people who never responded to query letters for the same screenplay. Within a few weeks after the awards were announced I had several companies who wanted to represent me. I’m now happily working with my new managers, Atchity Entertainment International.”

David Bertoni
Yarmouth, Maine
2006 Gold Prize Winner