2010 Screenwriting Contest Winner R. Scott Shields“The news just ran in Variety… I’ve been hired to write a high-concept sci-fi adventure for Hydraulx Entertainment (producers of Skyline). There are a lot of contests out there, but none are run better than PAGE. You guys rock!”

R. Scott Shields
Hermosa Beach, California
2010 Grand Prize Winner

“I am now a client of CAA, and I have you guys to thank for that. The “PAGE Award Winner” comment was what got them to read the script. This has been a fantastic journey thus far and I am very, VERY appreciative of your contest and everything you have done for me. It has truly catalyzed my career.”

John Scott III
Arlington, Massachusetts
2010 Gold Prize Winner

2010 Screenwriting Contest Winner Louis Rosenberg“My short film Lab Rats was produced and directed by Sam Washington, who discovered the script through the PAGE Awards. And Joe Rosenbaum and I sold two projects – Paper Trail to Sidney Kimmel and Mindplay to Echo Lake. Paper Trail already has a director, is starting to cast, and is targeted for release in late 2012 or early 2013. And of course, other projects in process…”

Louis Rosenberg
Pismo Beach, California
2010 Gold Prize Winner

“We just signed an agreement with producer John Will and his company Torn Sky Entertainment to develop a half hour comedy for the upcoming pitch season. John read our Bronze Prize-winning script Des Moines Fever and wanted to partner with us to develop something new. We’re super excited and wanted to say thanks! He would have never read our script or known who we were had we not entered the contest.”

Andy Sipes & Matt Mariska
Los Angeles, California
2010 Bronze Prize Winners

2010 Screenwriting Contest Winner Marjory Kaptanoglu“My Silver Prize-winning short script Dearly Departed was produced by So Rare Productions and made its world premiere at the 2011 Santa Barbara International Film Festival. I’m so grateful to PAGE for honoring the script with the Silver, for the timely distribution of the prizes I won, and for your ongoing support. You run a first-class operation.”

Marjory Kaptanoglu
Belmont, California
2010 Silver Prize Winner

“We just signed last week with Kathy Muraviov to represent our winning script. We would never have met Kathy if it hadn’t been for the PAGE Awards. We are so thankful. Hopefully we’ll all be celebrating a script sale very soon!”

Brian Sharp & Jared Ingram
Santa Barbara, California
2010 Gold Prize Winners

2010 Screenwriting Contest Winner Tihemme Gagnon“Since the announcement, my dream director, a couple of reputable Canadian production houses, and one of the Canadian broadcasters reached out, all requesting to see the script. And I just signed off on a shopping deal with a company up here in Canada. Seriously, this Award is the most significant milestone in my career so far. Thank you!”

Tihemme Gagnon
Vancouver, BC, Canada
2010 Gold Prize Winner

“I received the prize package at the end of November and chuckled at the symbolism of the pen that came along with it: “Pick this up and git back to writin’.” Since the Awards were announced, I’ve had several producers and agents ask to read my script, and one of them, Ann-Marie McHugh of Quincy Productions, has asked me to rewrite a script slated for production, which I’m doing at this very moment!”

Bruce Leaf
Boulder, Colorado
2010 Gold Prize Winner

2010 Screenwriting Contest Winner Cody Yarbrough“I’m getting some real heat now, thanks in part to PAGE. I just inked an agreement with Birch Tree Entertainment to write a martial arts/fantasy feature with Ernie Reyes (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Last Dragon), and I also landed a manager, Geoff Alexander of 6-17 Management, who connected with me after seeing the logline for Freefall in your announcement.”

Cody Yarbrough
Vancouver, BC, Canada
2010 Silver Prize Winner

“After winning the award, I received a lot of welcome attention for my script. I’m working with one of your judges to get it ready to pitch. We’ve really hit it off. She’s even offered to take meetings on my behalf, which is great for an overseas writer like me, being able to use her contacts and knowledge of the industry. And I’ve also got an agent who wants to sign me up if/when I can get myself to LA!”

Shane O’Neill
Melbourne, Australia
2010 Silver Prize Winner

2010 Screenwriting Contest Winner Erin Donovan“I’m just over the moon and back again! Ding Dong Ditch was actually optioned this week. I keep pinching myself. I also met with one of your Judges, who was just wonderful. She’s reading some more of my screenplays. It’s all been a whirlwind, but very exciting. I can’t thank you guys enough!”

Erin Donovan
Santa Monica, California
2010 Bronze Prize Winner

“Great Scott! After winning the Gold Prize, my script was cited on Hollywood’s Blood List and I had several offers of representation. I have now signed with Jewerl Ross of Silent R Management.”

Jimmy Lui
Los Angeles, California
2010 Gold Prize Winner

2010 Screenwriting Contest Winner Amy Rich“Winning Gold in the PAGE Awards has really helped! So far I’ve been interviewed by BBC Radio Scotland, a couple of newspapers, and I’ve also got a producer and director interested in making the script – just waiting for the option agreement to get sorted. Am so glad I entered the comp. It’s been a real boost to my confidence and it’s also meant other people sit up and take notice.”

Amy Rich
Ampthill, Bedfordshire, England
2010 Gold Prize Winner

“The PAGE Award helped to impress the Arts Council of Northern Ireland who’ve just given me a grant to convert a feature script I wrote into a crime fiction novel. It also impressed the BBC and helped gain me access to a BBC TV writer’s scheme. The PAGE Awards are well known over here and have a high level of credibility and respect, so thank you for all your work making it such a great competition.”

Patrick Nash
Derry, Northern Ireland
2010 Bronze Prize Winner