2011 Screenwriting Contest Winner Pat White“I’m still flying on cloud nine! I received over 20 requests for my script following my PAGE win, and I have signed with Brandy Rivers at Magnet Management (now with The Gersh Agency). Brandy loved the script and had some fantastic suggestions to make it even better. Thanks again for all you do!”

Pat White
Sammamish, Washington
2011 Grand Prize Winner

“After talking with a handful of terrific managers, Josh Goldenberg at Kaplan/Perrone and I really clicked… So we’ve decided to work together. He’s now repping me! I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work, the championing of my script and the efforts of everybody at PAGE to get it out there! The validation of placing in such a prestigious contest was hard to describe.”

Christian Ryden
London, England
2011 Bronze Prize Winner

2011 Screenwriting Contest Winner David Luna“After winning the PAGE Award, I received over two dozen requests to read my script, and it’s helped me to build relationships with industry professionals I otherwise never would’ve met. I’ve been to a few networking events recently where I can literally see people’s attitudes change the instant I tell them about placing in PAGE, and more often than not they offer to read my work and/or pass it along. Additionally, John Will took a liking to my writing after requesting my winning script, and I am now developing a new sci-fi action/thriller with Torn Sky.”

David Luna
Culver City, California
2011 Gold Prize Winner

“Thanks for running such a well-organised competition and following through with the promised prizes. The most exciting thing that came indirectly from the award was that I emailed a director/producer I’ve worked with previously to tell him about it, and he replied to ask if I’d be interested in helping him with a script idea for a low-budget sci-fi/horror feature… Long story short, he’s getting story credit, I’m getting screenplay credit and we’re in pre-production for shooting it in March with a non-professional (but experienced and enthusiastic!) cast and crew. Huge fun, and my first produced feature credit!!”

Sue Morris
Lincoln, England
2011 Silver Prize Winner

2011 Screenwriting Contest Winner Magnus Aspli“I’ve got the contract and will now be represented by Kelly Marshall at SMART Talent in the U.K. My animation short has been read by producers at Dreamworks and Aardman, and we’re pushing it in front of several eyes at the moment. Thanks again for the wonderful competition! This is thrilling!”

Magnus Aspli
Tiller, Norway
2011 Gold Prize Winner

This Town has been optioned by Fox TV Studios, with Paul Schiff, Tai Duncan, and Apostle Films attached as Executive Producers. I also just signed with PAGE Judge Sammy Montana. I couldn’t be happier! Your awards are really tops in my world! You seem to truly care about us writers.”

Laurelei Ballard
Charlotte, North Carolina
2011 Bronze Prize Winner

2011 Screenwriting Contest Winner Joe Webb“After my 2011 Page win, I signed with The Gersh Agency and my Silver Prize winning script Icon was optioned by Sony. Jon Amiel (Entrapment, The Core) is attached to direct and Deb Spera and Maria Grasso (Criminal Minds, Army Wives) are set to executive produce. In addition, my TV pilot Books was produced by Fremantle Media and just won the top drama prize at the 2012 New York Television Festival. Thanks for running such a great contest!”

Joe Webb
Los Angeles, California
2011 Silver Prize Winner

“My short film A Difference of 25 Cents was shot in London over summer, produced by Egoma Films, UK. And since winning at PAGE, No Cigarettes in Space! is now in negotiations to be shot next spring by a London prodco now based in L.A., with a hot new award-winning UK director! Both are aiming at the big festivals, so cross fingers!”

Sundae Jahant-Osborne
London, England
2011 Silver Prize Winner

2011 Screenwriting Contest Winner Will Jess“As a direct result from my Silver Prize win, my script Breaking Zero was requested by John Will of Torn Sky Entertainment. I have now been signed on by John to develop a feature project with Torn Sky. It’s an incredible opportunity for me, and it’s all due to the exposure from your contest and the accolades from your judges.”

Will Jess
Des Moines, Iowa
2011 Silver Prize Winner

“It’s been a busy and exciting new year for us. After the PAGE Awards, we were able to use the contest win and some personal connections to get some reads. Madhouse Entertainment is now managing us, and we’re working with them on our next project. Thanks so much for everything you do at the PAGE Awards.”

Daniel Frey & Russell Sommer
Los Angeles, California
2011 Gold Prize Winners