2012 Screenwriting Contest Winner Tobin Addington“This has been amazing! I’ve heard from lots of people curious about the script and interested to read it, and I have now signed with Marti Blumenthal of Ampersand Management. It’s fantastic to have a contest that does more than just give you a certificate and pat you on the head, but helps set you up as best they can to take advantage of the exposure. I am very grateful.”

Tobin Addington
Brooklyn, New York
2012 Grand Prize Winner

“I wanted to let you know that off of Dive, my drama pilot that won the Gold Prize, and the efforts of Joe Riley, my manager whom I acquired through your contest, I’ve signed with UTA for literary representation. On top of that, while I can’t give too many details about it, I had my first studio pitch right before the holidays and it resulted in a sale to Warner Bros TV. That script’ll be my first paid professional gig, and the PAGE Awards played a key role in making this happen.”

Graham Norris
Santa Monica, California
2012 Gold Prize Winner

2012 Screenwriting Contest Winner Lyse Beck“I just signed with John Ferraro of Valleywood Entertainment, who I met through a recommendation from one of your judges. I couldn’t be happier. In fact, he’s negotiating my very first option for me now. I feel such gratitude for all you’ve taught me. I have learned so much from all your amazing judges and newsletters. Best of all, I love how personal and intimate you have managed to keep such a huge competition. I honestly don’t know how you do it. But you do. And it’s fantastic.”

Lyse Beck
Wellington, New Zealand
2012 Bronze Prize Winner

“After my PAGE win, Gail Mutrux from Pretty Pictures read my script and recommended it to director Julius Sevcik, who loved it. He optioned the screenplay and the project is now in development. Thank you again for the wonderful contest and the great work you’ve done for all these years. Achieving something like this has been my dream ever since I was a little girl and now you’ve made my dream come true. I will always be grateful for that.”

Leena Juoperi
Pirkanmaa, Finland
2012 Bronze Prize Winner

2011=2 Screenwriting Contest Winner Jonathan Wolf“I want to thank everyone at the PAGE Awards for all that you have done. My pilot Well Endowed is under an if-come deal with One-Two Punch Productions and Sony TV. Additionally, I signed with Paradigm, and have adapted my feature-length thriller Domain into a one-hour pilot, which is currently out to buyers, two of whom have already expressed an active interest. Again, thank you for creating and administering such a terrific screenwriting contest that has truly opened doors for me.”

Jonathan Wolf
Los Angeles, California
2012 Silver Prize Winner

“I was contacted by one of your judges and we’re currently developing a new project for the spec market. It is a phenomenal opportunity that I plan on embracing with every ounce of my creativity. I am indebted to you and PAGE, without question. Your professionalism, quality of care, and commitment are unequaled in the world of script contests.”

Jason Panaro
Mesa, Arizona
2012 Silver Prize Winner

2012 Screenwriting Contest Winner Reeshi Ray“Just wanted to let you know that I have been signed by Jeff Belkin of Zero Gravity Management. Jeff and I have been communicating ever since he read Coyote in the PAGE Awards. We made the partnership official this week. I’m very excited and I owe it all to the PAGE Awards.”

Reeshi Ray
New York, New York
2012 Silver Prize Winner

“Literary Manager Sammy Montana and I are meeting while I’m in LA next week, and it wouldn’t have happened without you and PAGE! The script is out to several producers who requested it and a couple others I was able to interest off my Silver Medal win. Placing in the 2012 contest was a game-changer for my career and I can’t thank you enough for putting on such a respected competition every year.”

Jonathan Miller
Oakland, California
2012 Silver Prize Winner

2012 Screenwriting Contest Winner Drew Mackintosh“I just signed with one of your judges, Joe Riley of Velocity Entertainment. Excited to see where this goes. Thanks for putting on a great contest, which led to this new chapter in my writing career.”

Drew Mackintosh
Westlake Village, California
2012 Gold Prize Winner

“You have certainly outdone yourselves… the certificate is awesome! I can’t imagine any other screenwriting contest awards staff going above and beyond in every way as you do! Thanks so much for making the entire experience so special and memorable.”

Sharlin Quest
Arden, North Carolina
2012 Gold Prize Winner

2012 Screenwriting Contest Winner Rebecca Handley“I am delighted with the feedback and really, really impressed with the rapid results and number of requests. I received 12 requests to view the script, one from a judge on the panel, the rest from literary agents and managers, and two production companies, plus a lot of hits on my script through your InkTip promotion. This is all so very exciting!”

Rebecca Handley
London, England
2012 Gold Prize Winner