Writers often ask if they can see their contest scorecards. But when taken out of context, the scores are virtually meaningless. In fact, for most writers, seeing these scorecards without any explanation would only be confusing or discouraging, which would be counterproductive both to our goals and yours. Therefore, we do not send out these raw numbers.

However, because so many of our contestants want to know how the Judges react to their scripts, we do offer you the opportunity to order Judge’s Feedback in conjunction with your contest entry. The Feedback written by our Judges is extremely constructive and helpful, and we’ve received hundreds of messages from past contestants telling us how much they’ve appreciated the Judges’ insights and ideas.


If you order Judge’s Feedback, your First Round Judge will take the extra time to write you several pages of notes discussing your script’s strengths and weaknesses.

Your Judge will explain why your script scored the way it did, tell you whether your script would receive a Recommend, Consider or Pass if you submitted it to his or her agency or production company, and also offer some suggestions as to how you might further develop your screenplay.

In addition, if you request to have more than one Judge read your script in the First Round, you may also choose to order Feedback from each of those Judges. Our Judges all work independently and they will not see each other’s comments or exchange ideas about your script. They will each evaluate your material from their own unique perspective. So if you request notes from more than one Judge, you can compare their different perspectives and determine which comments are useful to you and which are not.

Do the Judges point out the same problems?

That tells you something important.

Do the Judges express opposite ideas about some element of your script?

That tells you something important as well.

In writing your Feedback, our Judges’ goal is to provide you with constructive, actionable input, and to offer you information and ideas that will be helpful to you as you continue to develop your screenplay.

In addition to your Feedback, we will also send you the credentials of your Judge, so you can get a sense of who our Judges are and how their various studios, agencies and production companies might respond to your work.


If you’d like Judge’s Feedback, simply check the box provided on the Script Information page of your entry form. The fee for this service is $79.

Your Feedback will be emailed to you after the Quarter-Finalists are announced on July 15. Or if your script advances further in competition, your Feedback will be held here in our office as long as your script is still in the running for a prize.

(PLEASE NOTE: Our Judges write your notes for you on the day they read your script, and only if you have requested this service. So if you want Judge’s Feedback you must request it when you enter your script in the contest. Otherwise your Judge will not write notes for you and you will not receive your Judge’s scores.)
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