One of the most frustrating things about so many screenwriting contests – both for the writers and for the judges – is that scripts of different genres are in competition with each other. But how do you compare a comedy to a sci-fi script? How do you rank a family film against a thriller?

And why is it that so many screenwriting contests only award prizes to strong dramas, while so many of Hollywood’s most successful movies are comedies, thrillers, action flicks, and family films?

In order to make sure all types of scripts are given fair consideration and equal recognition, the PAGE Judges present prizes in a total of ten different genre categories in three different formats:

You may enter your script in whichever category or categories you choose. The price of the first category is included in your entry fee, and if your script fits in more than one genre, you may enter it in more than one category for an additional $18 each.

PLEASE NOTE:  We do not accept synopses, treatments, manuscripts for novels or short stories, scripts for stage plays, reality show concepts, or spec scripts for existing TV series. We also do not accept adaptations of other writers’ works.

In order to be eligible for the contest, you must submit a completed feature script, short film script, or teleplay, and it must be your own original work.

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