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Ready for a fun escape, along with some fascinating insights into the industry? Please join us for THE WRITERS’ HANGOUT, a podcast that celebrates the many stages of writing, from inspiration to first draft, revising, getting your project made, and everything in-between.

Hosted by PAGE Social Media Director Sandy Adomaitis and co-host Terry Sampson, new episodes of THE WRITERS’ HANGOUT drop every Sunday, and we do hope you’ll listen in! Each week Sandy and Terry are off on a new adventure, regaling you with comic and tragic tales from the screenwriting trenches, analyzing current events in the entertainment industry, and interviewing some of the best and brightest in the business.

Past episodes include talks with professional film and television writers about their experiences getting their projects made, discussions with PAGE judges about what they’re looking for in a great screenplay, and conversations with PAGE Award winners about how they’re now forging successful screenwriting careers. Sandy and Terry also explore the history of the film and television business, including some little-known, often disturbing, always intriguing true crime stories involving screenwriters, filmmakers, actors, and industry executives.

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